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SURODFS02 Fiber Optic Distribution Frame For Support 8 Splice Trays
    Publish time 2024-04-15 14:02    

SURODFS02 Fiber Optic Distribution Frame For Support 8 Splice Trays

SURODFS02 Fiber Optic Distribution Frame is mechanical assembly for the fiber management system that provides the function of cable splicing and patchcord patching and connecting in a rack environment.

It is suitable for the protective connection of loose tube optical cables or bundled pigtails and jumpers, branch optical cables and jumpers, steel tube type PLC splitters and jumpers, jumpers and jumpers. It is designed with 2U, 3U, and 4U heights, which are suitable for 48, 72 and 96 core distribution respectively. Chassis with 19 or 21 inch mounting ears, installed in a cabinet or rack.


  • It is made of high quality cold roll steel & the surface is sprayed with electrostatic powder
  • The front door has a hinge, a flip-type structure with elastic door buckle locking method.
  • Metal pull-out tray with slide rail, stainless steel limit buckle on the side and limit belt on the back to ensure high 

  • The fiber splice stray is made of high quality plastic, including the fiber splicing module, fiber arrangement module and adapter panel, which can be disassembled and interchanged.
  • The splice tray is installed on a stepped bracket, which can be superimposed according to the number of U. There are supporting members on the side of the tray, which can be flipped, and the splice is convenient
  • There are horn-shaped fiber outlet ears on both sides of the box, which can well protect fiber cables and pigtails
  • Pull-out chassis is suitable for standard 19 or 21 inch cabinet or rack installation

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