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What are the precautions for using MTP/MPO fiber patch cords?
Source: | Author:Surfiber-Sally | Published time: 2020-12-01 | 1246 Views: | Share:

The MTP/MPO fiber optic wiring standard has become the best solution for high density and high bandwidth at present, because an MTP/MPO multi-core connector can meet 8-core, 12-core, 24-core, and currently up to 144 cores.

Firstly, we must do the testing before wiring. We can use the red pen to test whether the MTP/MPO fiber patch cord has a breakpoint. The MTP/MPO fiber patch cord has a breakpoint. We better not use it. This is In order to avoid excessive loss of the optical fiber during transmission, the distance of the optical fiber transmission is affected.

Secondly, the cleaning of the MTP/MPO fiber patch cord is also very important. Before using the MTP/MPO fiber patch cord, wipe the connector with alcohol or absorbent cotton.

The third is the finishing of MTP/MPO fiber patch cords. We know that there are many MTP/MPO fiber patch cord branches. In order to avoid jumper winding, we need to use cable tie to connect MTP/MPO fiber. The neat bundle of jumpers is fixed.

Fourth, when installing or removing MTP/MPO fiber jumpers, do not insert or remove MTP/MPO fiber jumpers. This is to avoid fiber breaks and offsets, which affects fiber-optic communication and use.

Finally, when wiring, do not pull or curl the MTP/MPO fiber jumper.